Kindergarten registration is available for any student who will be 5 years of age (or older) by August 1, 2017. All students must be registered by a parent and/or legal guardian as the registration packet may only be completed and signed by a parent/guardian.


  • Photo identification of parent/legal guardian registering student. Acceptable forms of photo identification would be a state-issued driver's license, U.S. passport, or U.S. Military I.D.
  • Student’s Birth Certificate. The certificate has to be issued by the Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics. A certificate issued by the hospital can not be accepted.
  • Student’s complete immunization and health records. For questions pertaining to immunizations for public school attendance in the state of Ohio, please go HERE.
  • Proof of Residency. This can be a current utility bill, mortgage contract, purchase contract, lease agreement, insurance statement on the dwelling, or a notarized residency affidavit. A residency affidavit needs to be completed and signed only if you are unable to submit an approved proof of residency. The form must be notarized prior to the registration appointment. For a residency affidavit form, please go HERE.
  • Proof of Custody. If the student is not living with both natural or adoptive parents, a certificated copy of the most current court order establishing custody or guardianship from a Domestic Relations, Probate, or Juvenile Court or any other Court of competent jurisdiction which has issued an order regarding the custody of the child(ren) being registered is required.


NOTE: This only pertains to the three Kindergarten Registration sessions held in March 2017 at the Buckeye Primary School.

Parents will report to the Buckeye Primary School at their scheduled registration time. There will be a sign-in area in the lobby directly beyond the main doors. Upon arrival please report to this area, not the primary offices.

During the registration session, parents will meet separately with office staff to attend an informational meeting in the Media Center and complete the kindergarten registration paperwork, while students will be assessed by our team of education professionals. Registration will last the entire one hour and fifteen minutes allotted per session.

There is a Kindergarten Readiness Activity packet available (see link provided below) which includes many helpful suggestions to help prepare your child for kindergarten; however, please be advised that this packet is optional but it may be very useful in preparing your student(s) for the assessment.


If you do have concerns about your pre-school child in one of the following areas: understanding language, using language, self-help skills (eating, using the bathroom, dressing), social skills/behavior, gross motor skills (running/jumping), fine motor skills (eye-hand coordination), attention span/following simple directions, vision, hearing, please contact Mrs. Kissinger, Buckeye Primary School Psychologist at 330-722-8257 X 4124 for further information regarding help that may be available for your pre-schooler.


Kindergarten orientation will be held Monday, August 21, 2017 and Tuesday, August 22, 2017 in the Buckeye Elementary Schools Media Center. In addition to the orientation, your child will take a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) on the same day during the time you have been assigned. Your orientation session date and time will be assigned to you during the summer prior to the start of the school year and you be notified of your assignment via mail.


Your kindergarten student’s opening day of school will be Wednesday, August 23, 2017. The regular kindergarten bus schedule will go into effect that day. It is strongly encouraged that your child rides the bus on the first day of school.


AM and PM assignments are determined by bus routes and Buckeye’s districting procedure. Teacher assignments will be e-mailed on August 17th after 3:00 PM.


Kindergarten classes at the Buckeye Primary School are half-day sessions. The morning Kindergarten times are 8:45 AM to 11:20 AM. The afternoon Kindergarten times are 12:40 PM to 3:15 PM for car riders and 3:25 PM for bus riders.


Bus transportation is available to all students who live in the Buckeye Local School district; however, if for any reason you need to transport your student to school or from school, the morning Kindergarten car riders are released behind the school in the car lane adjacent to the elementary school playground and picked up at the drop off loop in front of the doors facing Rte 252/Columbia Road.

The afternoon Kindergarten car riders are released at the drop off loop in front of the doors facing Rte 252/Columbia Road and picked up behind the school in the car lane adjacent to the elementary school playground. If your student is open-enrolled and resides outside the Buckeye Local School District, you are responsible for the transportation of your child.

Yellow car placards are required for pick up. Call the Primary office at 330-722-8257 x 4139 to obtain one for your student.


Bus transportation is available to all students who live in the Buckeye Local School district. If a parent does request a Kindergarten assignment other than one the student resides in, the parents will be responsible for either the mid-day pick up or mid-day drop off of their child.

If there are any changes to the location of where your student will be picked up or dropped off at any time during the school year, please complete and return the BUCKEYE TRANSPORTATION FORM to the Transportation Department. Forms can be mailed to Buckeye Local Schools Transportation, 3044 Columbia Road, Medina, 44256, faxed to 330-721-6400, or emailed to jeblen(at)

If you change daycare arrangements during the school year, your student will remain in the same class but you may be responsible for transportation depending on the location of the new childcare provider.

If you have any other questions regarding transportation, please contact Mrs. Judy Eblen at 330-722-8257 X 1020.